Saturday, September 22, 2012

A trip to the emergency vet!

Well, the eve before we go to Colorado, just as we are leaving the house to visit family, Kel yells, "Vici, Vici, somethings wrong with Maddie!"

Come running down the hall and Maddie can't walk.  Her leg is sticking out funny direction and she lays down and bites it.

I get on the floor with her trying to find the sticker and realize this is really weird.  Her leg is retracted and she will not straighten it out and shows pain at the elbow.  I look at Kel and ask, "What happened?"  He says he didn't know, he opened the door to let her go out to sun herself and next thing he knows she is like this.  He didn't see her fall or anything.

I massage, I look for stickers, I lay her on her side, she clearly is in distress. 

I immediately called Laura to tell her what was up and she recommended calling our vet that he still is open.  I called right away and they said, "bring her on in."

While in the vet office waiting for the vet, my sister Trish and Eve show up.  Kel had stayed home to keep Olive entertained.  Shocked to see them, they said they were driving from Gilroy and called to see if they could stop by to pick up something and Kel told them where I was.  They decided to come.  Good thing too, cause I was slowly loosing it wondering what I was going to do.  Kel works long hours.  What if Mads needs care?  Do I stay home from Colorado, do I take her with me.  How would a 20 hour car drive impact her? What is wrong with her...etc...etc.  You get the picture.

Vet comes in.  After an exam, thinking it is a pinched nerve.  Found swelling in the area of the lymph nodes, but didn't think the two were related.  Wanted to aspirate the lymph nodes.  I decided against it.  If it isn't related, why put her through it.  If it is related, we'll know soon enough.

Trish and Eve volunteered to keep Maddie next week and take her to the vet if necessary.  HUGE!!!

Kel will watch her tomorrow and if she needs to go back to the vet on Monday, Eve will take her. Seems like all bases are covered.  Why do I feel so guilty for going?

Maddie update.  She is doing great.  The pain meds have made her comfortable and she is actually using the leg.  She rolled on the grass and tried to wrestle with Tazz.  Eve is going to check on her during the day and Kel has got it handled. 

Sucks that I set up the yard so they could use the doggy door.  Now I don't want her using the doggy door so they'll have to stay inside.  Ah well.  Could have been very worse!


Diana said...

Oh, how stressful!! I hope she is ok.

Elf said...

Dang dogs--it's NEVER at a convenient time when something goes seriously wrong. What are they thinking? Glad she's doing better.

Celeste said...

Most Americans are raised to feel guilty, I swear. There's always something...

Sounds like Maddie has improved quite a bit already. Sending her good thoughts anyway. (And she has TERRIFIC caregivers!)

Have a good time in Colorado, Vici.