Friday, August 17, 2012


The balancing act.  Sometimes very difficult.  The age old question, "How do I get everything done in a day."

I've been having trouble getting everything done.  Feeling a bit guilty about stuff that is falling off my plate (like this blog).  Suffice to say that training is happening.  Every day. 

5:30:  Get up.  Everyone outside for potty.
5:40:  Tazz into a crate, Olive allowed to snuggle with Kel.  She is a champion snuggler.  Sure hope Kel wanted his nasal cavity cleaned out!  He really didn't need that toe, did he?
5:45:  Tazz, Maddie, Fin, Rocks - in crates for breakfast!
5:45:  Training with Olive - I have 30 minutes where we spend time working on bunches of stuff.  I use her breakfast for this training time.  After she gets food, then I select a tug toy and we work on tug.  Loads of tugging.  If no tug, she goes back to crate.
around 6:30 I take all dogs potty (Olive is on leash)
6:45:  I go to work.  This involves me shuffling into my office and turning on my computer.  Olive takes a nap.

Work day consists of me on the computer and phone... taking multiple breaks and trying to get in some crate games and tugging games.  When Olive comes out to play, the rest are put away or in another room.  During the afternoon if I do not have any conference calls, Olive gets free time in my office.  This time is generally spent in one of the dog beds barking at her toys and growling upside down while she smashes a toy into the bed.  Sometimes it involves me taking stuff away from her and taking a brief break from work to clean my office so she can't find things to chew on .... like the lap top cord which no longer works...thanks Olive.

After work (anywhere from 2-5 depending on the day).  I try to get some chores done while I break up little sessions with Olive.  We get a nice walk/hike in depending on the weather and sometimes get to play in  the swimming pool.  Evenings are often spent at a training field playing agility or taking a late walk or gym. 

So, when do I have time to work on my blog.....?  I guess today I skip doing dishes for blog time!  Won't Kel be thrilled.


Catalina said...

This is one of the hardest things I have had to figure out about having a puppy. How much time to spend training, how to divide up the day....he would like to be going 24/7, but he NEEDS a nap or he starts to forget that my fingers are supposed to STAY attached to my hands!
I also didn't know how much time he should spend with my other dog. This is my first time having 2 at once! Good thing I have a great trainer to get help! I have really enjoyed reading about your raising of Olive :) Keep posting when you can - it's fun to read!

Diana said...

For some reason my blog hasnt been showing me that you have posted. Ive miss several post. Ugh! Olive is sooooo cute!!

corbinwooten said...

I think everyone has that problem, not enough hours in the day.

One day I will win the lottery and not have to work!

But, at least you are lucky enough to be able to work from home and do little training sessions mid-day. That's really nice.

vici whisner said...

@corbinwooten: Yep, I really am lucky to work from home. Upside, I'm home, no video conferencing. Downside, work is always here. Upsides win!