Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It is a reality

Wow.  We have a sign.  Must be true.  Laura and I now have an agility field AND agility students.  Will we have lights so we can continue classes next week?  Who knows.  But I will say, the field looks mighty nice.

Tazz has been busy boxing up stuff to take to the field.  He is very excited.  I think he believes he gets the job as enforcement officer.  I'm trying to break it to him gently that no enforcement is actually needed, but I know he feels this is his special talent.  Ah well.  I wonder if he would like to be a Walmart greeter instead.  I can see it now.  Person walks into the store and Tazz says, "GET AWAY.  MINE!"

We continue to battle with the ground squirrels.  So far they are winning.  This week they put a freeway intersection right in the middle of our crating area.  Just not practical.  I'm going to have to meet with their planning commission.  There has to be a way that Laura and I can get some input on when they are doing major remodeling projects.  Fortunately for us, so far, knock on wood, the squirrels have left the grass alone.  Maybe that Gopher fencing is going to work after all!

1 comment:

Elf said...

Dang gophers and their lax building codes. Maybe you should import some gopher snake consultants.