Monday, October 22, 2012

A Taste of Seattle

Kel found Kells where we had a couple brews and watched the 49ner/Seattle game.  We were very quiet in our cheers for SF.  We were surrounded by disgruntled Sea Hawk fans.  Hee Hee.

Our room at the Inn a the Market.  Very nice accomodations.

Took a tour of the underground areas in old Pioneer Square.  Wonderful stories, fabulous walking tour.

Walked the water front many times.  Did not take the ferris wheel, although I bet it was cool at night.

Saw some shrunken heads.

Saw some umbrella art.

Took the Monorail (short monorail ride, only 1 mile).

Had many a glass of brew or wine.

Took a photo with a pig at Market (funny story, as Kel is taking this picture, an old guy was standing behind him tossing me kisses...hysterical).

Got hungry and ate cockroaches....ok not really...just pretended.  I didn't even pretend.

Looked at the space needle.
Looked from the space needle.

Hung out with butterflys.

Sat in furniture too big for us.

Saw some amazing glass!

Glass was inside and out!

Took more photos of the space needle (artsy ones).

Enjoyed the fall colors.
Got cold on the ducks but had a great time.

Really, enjoyed ourselves.


Diana said...

Looks wonderful!!

Alison said...

Looks like a fun trip I am glad that you guys got away together

Elf said...

Great shots; comments made me laugh. Makes me want to go back to seattle for another visit. Where do I find the cockroaches?