Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Set up a set for balance.  Olive really enjoyed this game.  Tail wagg'n the whole time.

Headed off for a show this weekend.  I have no balance right now.  Go from one thing to another.  The show is three days.  Usually I'd skip Friday this time of year, but for some reason they have grand prix on Friday.  Gotta go to that!  It is Fins first show at Perf. 12.  Hope to enjoy the ride and rock those courses! 

Olive will come and enjoy watching and practicing puppy games.

In the meantime, gotta do something nice for Kel's B-day.  I'm thinking fish tacos and cupcakes.  All while watching the Giants game.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Joan said...

What's olive gonna do on that foam roller?

Alison said...

So fun to watch her think in the training