Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We are off for a fun long weekend.  Just the husband unit.  All the doggy units are staying home with auntie Jeanine.

Am I a little nervous leaving Olive for a weekend?  Why yes.

Will I let it ruin an otherwise fun get away.  Why no.

We are going to do a ton of walking, see some museums, spaceneedle, and King Tut exhibit.

There are a number of sites on our list, but mostly we will see what the weekend brings us. 

Four days of no tennis ball tossing.
Four days of no poop pick up.
Four days of no Olive snuggles.
Four days of no Finnie flirtatious invites to play.
Four days of no Tazzie rug on my lap while I watch TV.
Four days of no Maddie grunts to have to pet her in the middle of the night
Four days of no Rocky head on my foot while I work.

I'll have a great time cause I'll be with my best bud.  But honestly there is much to miss at home.

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Elf said...

I love getting away from my dogs from time to time, and I admit it freely. Hope you two have a great time!