Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tadd bit busy....

I like my new "coat".  It scares Fin, tee heee.
  • Standing in line at the airport on Sunday evening to get home, the lady next to me said, "Do you live in Phoenix?"  I said, "No San Jose."  I'm thinking, why is she asking me about Phoenix?  Then she said, "Why are you going to Phoenix?  For business?"  I said, "I'm not going to Phoenix."  The plane is boarding at this point and I'm thinking, "oh good, we are on time."  Then she said, "This plane is going to Phoenix."  I said, "No, this plane is going to San Jose."  We both yelled up to the boarding guy, "Where is this plane going?"  He said, "Phoenix."  About 50 people got out of line and sat down.  They ended up stopping the boarding, and removing another 15 or so off the plane that got on the wrong plane.  Thank you lady.  Appreciate it.  I would have cried if I ended up on Phoenix.
  • Got back at 11:30pm Sunday from Seattle. Door to the house in the garage, locked.  Nice to know that the house/puppy sitter is good at locking up the house.  Unfortunate that I never lock that door and had no key to the house in my purse.  Really unfortunate my husband did not have a house key either.  So sad for my sister that I had to call her at 11:45pm to get out of bed and give me a key to my house.  Fortunate that she lives one mile away.  In bed around 1.
Don't go on vacation again...ok?!

  • Monday up at 5.  All pups up and at em.  Pottied, fed, and exercised.  Olive needs a little more playtime.  Mommy needs a little more sleep... "Would you stop barking at me Olive?"  At work at 7.  Loads of work.  Off to the agility field to teach around 5:30, got to work Olive and Fin.  Bed about 10. 
  • Tue up at 5. All pups up and at em. Pottied, fed, and exercised. Olive needs a little more playtime. At work at 7. Loads of work.  (Is this sounding similar).  Leave house at 8:10 to go to powerpaws.  Fin "rocked" the 12" jumps.  Really looking good.  Agility is getting fun again.  Back to work at noon...back to the agility field at 5, home at 8:30, bed around 10.
  • Wed.  To change it up, after I pottied the pups I put Olive in bed with Kel who said he wasn't getting up this morning.  I took a shower.  Olive was such a good girl and cuddled with her daddy the entire time.  Good girl.  Now back to work it is.....

I like me some 12" jumps!!!!  Just get rid of the white devil.  She scares me.

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