Monday, October 29, 2012

A Fun Weekend

A weekend of really great running, and then not so much.

Fin has left me puzzled after this weekend.  We had more nice runs this weekend then we've had in a long time.  Loads of Q's, but mostly, fun happy sheltie running.  She seemed to really like the 12".  Except for Gamble, of which we got zero for two, the only reason we didn't Q in everything was a couple knocked bars and 3 spectacular crashes.

We got:
-2 pairs Q's
-2 standard Q's
-3 snooker Q's

We didn't Q:
-steeple - crash
-jumpers - knocked bar - and then followed a refusal because I was out of position
-GP - knocked bar, teeter (I don't wanna), a crash
-standard - crash
-gamble (2 of these) great openings just didn't get the gamble

For the most part, her jumping looks good.  Happy happy.  Then there are times when it doesn't.  I'm analyzing the video to determine exactly where the crashes are (no too worried about a knocked bar right now).  Of course she has been checked out and doesn't seem to be in pain nor has eye issues.  I  believe it is confidence.

I will continue to work her light during the next two weeks, grids and working on trouble shooting her problem areas.  Next trial is November 10-11.  I will see how she is jumping then. 

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