Monday, November 5, 2012

A Mountain and a Mole Hill

This weekend had a mountain of chip delivered to the traning facility.  20 cubic yards.  Didn't seem like much when I ordered it at the chip place.  Seemed like an insurmountable pile when I showed up early Sat Morning to begin spreading it.

First sprayed the entire area with weed killer (hopefully this will help with our maintenance). Grabbed a shovel and filled in the squirrel, gopher, and mole holes.  Grabbed the wheel barrel and filled it with chip.  One barrel down and Rachel showed up to help.  Yippiee! Three barrels down, Laura arrived.  Fantastic!  Six barrels and counting, Cindy parks her car and says she is ready!

Slowly but surely, we loaded our two wheel barrels and one cart and pile by pile we moved chip from the pile in the parking lot to small piles surrounding the field. 

After we got a number of loads out to the field, I started spreading while the other shoveled and dumped. 

In a little less than 2 hours, Cindy was scraping the ground to pick up the last of the chip. I was amazed.

Thank you so much.  We'll do it again soon!

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Elf said...

20 cu yds with 4 people in 2 hours! I'm impressed! Yay for friends!