Sunday, November 18, 2012

Road Trip

A long time ago, Laura and I looked at the schedule and saw there was not much happening "agility wise" up in the bay area for Nov 17/18.  Then we saw that DART was doing a trial down in LA.  We thought, "it would be fun!"  Let's do a road trip.

In our minds we pictured a fun road trip.
The reality is much more concrete and desert like then green and sunset like. 
We did in fact question ourselves maybe for about 2 minutes...then we jumped in the car and headed out. Yes, rain was expected.  No, that did not stop us.  Yes, our husbands agree with you, "We are nuts."  

Left Morgan Hill around 3:15pm.  Drove for about 2.5 hours and then a quick gas break, bathroom break, and two of the 5 dogs needed a quick potty break.

Arrived at the hotel about 8:30pm.  Since Olive is in heat, Laura and I thought it best to get separate rooms.  A good idea considering Fireball is totally head over heals in LOVE!  Arriving in our rooms I see we have connecting doors.  I open mine, Laura opens hers.  I immediately get Olive and head back over to my room.  NOT a good idea.

Laura headed out to pick us up something to eat.  I baby sat.  I had the connecting doors open a crack so I could keep an eye on the dogs.  Evidently Fireball is not the only one smitten.

For the next 30 minutes Olive stared at the door.

I open it a crack and guess who is on the other side.

Poor Fireball.  Two more weeks and she won't know you exist.  Now stop that chatter and whining, mom will be home soon.

With an hour more driving in the morning, we got up before the crack of dawn, pottied and fed the dogs and headed over to the site.  A very nice place to hold a trial.  First up for us was Master Gamble.  Fin nailed it!!  Laura got it with all three of her dogs!  Yippee!  Fin now as her Performance Agility Dog title!  Yeah!!

Next up Grand Prix.  A very tricky course.  I made one mistake, was a little late on my turns causing some wide turn, Fin left the ring to find her cheese but came back, but over all, I'm happy with her jumping and would have Q'd if I had supported the jump after the tire just a tad bit more.  Good Girl Fin!

My third run and my last, Steeplechase.  Held her on her first contact so I could direct to the tunnel (wasted a good 2 seconds) but a great run on a course that was tricky but fast.

Olive was entertained the entire day.  We worked on her sit stay and tug, sit stay and get the ball, and we walked and walked.

Rule #1 when walking Olive:  Do not get distracted looking at ducks or the pretty view.  She will take the opportunity to roll in Duck Poo.  All over her head and nice jacket that used to be clean.  Not anymore.
Mom, I like duck poo even more than cat poo! 

Walking is always an adventure.  We worked with a long line so I could practice her recalls.
Recalls were great.  Even though the only reward was a good girly and off we went again. 

The view was really nice.
Olive was mildly interested in those ducks/geese.  

Started driving around 3:15 to head home.  (Sound familiar).  One stop for gas and didn't even potty the dogs, just drove. 

Good nights sleep and we are up and at 'em this morning!

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Elf said...

Congratulations to all concerned on the agility successes and on keeping the star-crossed lovers apart!