Monday, November 12, 2012

A fun weekend

Drove up to Nunes Agility Field in lovely Turlock California.  A great weekend celebrating ADCH's for both SpaceMonkey AND Fireball for my buddy Laura, as well as running some really fun Agility.

Fin gave me an early Christmas present and got us a bye for GP regionals.  Yeah!  Always wanted one.  Now I have it.
Even though I might have made two mistakes during the GP run, Fin just gave it her all and brought home the Q!  She is running really well.  Still some early jumping, but I believe her confidence is getting better and better.

We also did well in a number of other runs.  Maybe not all Q's, but really only the last run on Sat was not great jumping. 

Olive also had a great time.  She rocked her new rain coat, stayed warm, played, played, played, and interestingly enough seems to be getting ready to go into heat.  Showing her hussy side all weekend.  She does love her boyz!


Diana said...

Well done!! Congrats on your GP bye!!

Elf said...

As usual, you two looked wonderful together! And that wasn't an easy GP run to Q on, let alone win. Nice work.