Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh Poo!

This past three weeks has been interesting. We go from a very sick dog to a dog that is feeling great.  A ton of chicken and rice have been consumed.  Six days into it, another incident.  Take a sample to the vet for analysis, they found nothing.

Five days later...last night.  Poor thing couldn't keep a thing down and more brown spurts. 

Today at the vet for tests.  Something has got to be going on with this girl.  I keep asking myself what am I missing?

Tested for loads of things.  All negative.  She is healthy.  She is thin but not skinny.  She is not dehydrated.  All vitals are good.  The only thing to do is to treat the symptoms. Since this is the 3rd event in as many weeks and I haven't been able to get her off of the chicken/rice, we are going with meds. 

So meds are given. Except for the incredibly toxic gas, you would not know that last night she was curled in my lap not feeling well.

Hopefully this will be IT!  We all want to go back to our normal lives...and I have work to do...don't need to be worrying about whether Olive has to go!


Elf said...

Oh, I hate when tests don't clear things up! I was just talking to a lady today whose husband has had repeated infections in his joints requiring hospitalization, but culturing the pus, nothing grows, so they don't know what's causing it.

And who knew that there were actually fecal charts! This could be extremely useful sometimes, so thanks for that.

Diana said...

I hope things clear up soon.

Joan said...

Poor Olive. I went through this with haley for a long time, hope Olive recovers soon.