Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trying to Catch all Five

Now that I have sit stays on all dogs, thought I'd try for a group shot on such a beautiful day.
Wait, what happened to #5???

Ahhh The ball is in the Olive, stay means stay.  Even if the ball is going to drown.

Fin is totally disgusted.  She does NOT want to be next to Olive.  Olive smells funny or something.  Sorry Fin.  Someone has to be next to Olive.  We need to break up the B/W girls.  Mom wants contrast.  Olive is that little bit of contrast...even if she is still looking at her ball.

Oh come now Olive.  It isn't that bad.  Tazzie what are you look'n at?

Ok, half way decent shot.  I'll take it.


Elf said...

Turned out pretty good! And I thought it was challenging to get a decent photo with 2 or 3 dogs!

corbinwooten said...

Haha! And I thought wrangling 2 was challenging!