Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boy I've been busy!!!

First off, Laura Hartwick from Team Small Dog sent me my custom art for each of my dogs.  You'll be seeing it here as the days go by, but wanted to start with Tazz.  Each of her drawings have captured my pups personalities to perfection.  I get all teary eyed when I think about what an amazing job she did. 

If you are interested in your own art, please visit her custom art website and order yours.  I love purchasing christmas gifts for myself and there is nothing more special than a little 5x7 piece of paper full of personality.

Mine will all be framed and hang on my wall so I can see them every day...that way when I'm really tired, mad, or frustrated, I'll look at these lovely drawings and remember why I love my dogs.

In the meantime, I did not get the blog action day post done.  I had such great plans and absolutely no time.  Here is my suggestion:  Go get Nancy Gye's Alphabet Drills.  More exercises than you can even imagine and look for a post from me working one tunnel and 2 jumps.  Sorry it isn't more timely, but paid work is a priority right now.

Off this weekend for the last show of the year.  Then a 4 week break.  I can not believe Christmas is around the corner.  If you are in a giving mood, think about giving to my friends over at Dreampower Horsemanship.  They give so much to our community and work really hard.

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