Thursday, December 13, 2012


Thank you Laura Hartwick of Team Small Dog for each of my wonderful drawings!  You've done such an amazing job of capturing each of my super spectacular dogs.

Fin is at once shy, full of energy, cautious, hyped, worried, loud, and most of all she is my Finny Fin Fin.  I adore this little spit fire.  This dog gives it all she has.  During the day if she is not sleeping in Kels bark-o-lounger, she can be found lounging on the steps leading to the upstairs with a view of the front door and outside to the driveway.  She will alert us to any perceived danger, even if that danger is as innocuous as a bird landing on the front stoop.  She, like me, dislikes confrontation, however, go to leave the house without her and you will still hear her as you drive away. 

Fin gives her hugs rarely, but when you get a hug from Fin it is magical.  My speedy little girl is wonderful and I am very grateful that I flew to Florida and brought home this funny little dog 5.5 years ago.

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corbinwooten said...

The drawings are all wonderful! I really enjoyed them.