Monday, December 17, 2012

Imagine piles of cookies...

Butter Cream.  Oh so good.  Oh so exhausting to bake.  These little cookies absolutely melt in your mouth.  Love them.

Toll House chocolate chip.  I love these without the chocolate chips.  Of the 3+ dozen, I made two individual cookies without chips.  Hmmmmm, heaven.

I also traded my sister for some toffee bars. 

Late last night I baked my last batch.  Butterscotch brownies.  Ah...well.  An epic failure.  They are not going into my cookie gifts.  The butterscotch brownies are headed to Kels office.  They won't care that they are a little too chewy and fall apart.  The office workers will fall on the brownies like lions to a kill.  I told Kel to be very careful when putting the plates of brownies out, he might get hurt in the excitement of the feed.

Sunday found me at a Kinderbox agility seminar.  Olive got to play real agility.  A couple of the exercises I couldn't finish because I was giggling in delight.  So much fun playing with Olive.  Best thing she did was turn nice and tight.  Worse thing is running the line.  Gotta work that acceleration with jumps! 

I also cooked Goulash (in the slow cooker), entertained my mom (thanks mom for helping with the cookies), and saw the Hobbit (LOVED IT!).  Gosh it was a very full weekend.


Elf said...

Wow, those cookies look great! I'm lucky just to get lights on my tree. :-)

corbinwooten said...

Sounds like a busy weekend!

Those first cookies look delicious and are so pretty too!