Friday, September 2, 2016

Not Making Headway Friday

I feel fat today.  Not sure why.  Doing what I need to do.  Was really hard to get my steps in even though I was out setting up for agility.  Body not feeling sprite and light.  Body is feeling sore and tired.

Sometimes the day just doesn’t go as planned.  Or even the planned day doesn’t live up to expectations.  What has to happen is I have to move past it and keep plugging away.  Take Advil and know that the aches and pains are a part of life. 

Most importantly:  Don’t let other people determine how I am going to respond to their behavior.

Long term goals.  What are they?  How do we meet them?  By not giving up what I want long term for what I want today.  Today I was able to fight my evil demons that wanted me to give in to my dark thoughts.  Tomorrow I will wake up feeling refreshed and enjoy a wonderful day with friends and my dogs!  

How about you?  What do you do when the day just brings you down?  How do you respond?

I’m thinking of each of you every day and the fact you are out there struggling along with me makes me stronger.  

Suck it up Buttercup is my motto and I’m going to live it.

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