Sunday, November 9, 2008

Agility Dogs Walking

Went for an off leash walk today. Took everyone. Lots of fox tails, but I figured I'd groom when I got home. Here Rocky is running to Kel and Fin is coming out of the brush to ambush him. Sometimes I think Fin is part cat.

Kel was the photographer. He got all four to sit quietly for a few snapshots. I love my dogs.
Rocky limped the entire walk, but still had some go in him to chase Fin through the dead grass. He was a happy boy.

For some reason, Fin spent a weird amount of time either bouncing/running or stopped in the grasses.

While they ran around enjoying the freedom, I spent a good deal of time removing dead plant material out of their coats.
On the way home.


Diane Patterson said...

Hey, Vici! Just showed my hubby the photos of Fin and the rest of your pack taking a walk in the grasses. His response, "We live with that face!" Yup, there's no mistaking, Fin and Catcher are sister and brother. BTW, we think Catch is part cat, too!

vici whisner said...

:) I think Wish has a strong influence in our babies heads.

Trish said...

Now THOSE are happy dogs!