Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Puppies

What would this world be without puppies. So I'm really excited that a puppy will be in the white house. One starts to wonder what kind of puppy should be in our white house. I have four that want to run for the white house.

HiMarks Holy Mackerel!: Her primary talent is leaping joy. She can leap from the floor to a 4foot tall kitchen counter with no effort whatsoever. She can jump straight up next to her momma and tap her mom on the top of her head. There is never a dull moment with this little giggle fest. The joy aura that surrounds this dog is contagious and the white house staff would be forever smiling. The staff would be an active bunch as she tends to get a little wild and perhaps bouncing off the walls during cabinet meetings might not be appreciated.

Montage Mad About Madeline: Maddie is perfect for those long difficult meetings with foreign officials. Her primary talent is loving affection, distraction, and negotiation. Maddie ALWAYS gets her way. She has the entire house wrapped around her little paw. Maddie is most talented at getting what she wants using fine tuned manipulative techniques. If Rocky happens to be chewing on a bone that Mads feels would be better served in her mouth, she will bring something in and play with it a few feet away from Rocky. She will make whatever she has so enticing that Rocks will drop the bone and go over to take whatever Maddie has away from her. She willingly gives up her item and before Rocky can think, Maddie will have the bone, curled up in the best bed, chewing away. Rocky can only stand there befuddled as once again he was out maneuvered by his little sister.

Hillstone's Razzmatazz: Tazz would have worked if Palin was elected (pretty, but not alot upstairs). Tazzies main talent is certainly his devotion to his resources. I'm not sure that this would work in the white house, unless we could turn his obsessive compulsive behavior to work for the good of the country. Tazz would promote, more for us and less for them ideals...maybe not the best strategy for our country, but if Tazz were to be the dog in the white house, I guarantee none of our resources would be going to foreign countries. All of our resources would be locked away in the white house with Tazz sitting on top of them making sure none of the foreign doggies got any bones.

Montage Sierra Granite: Rockys main talent is his compassion. Rocky would make a good diplomat, he doesn't want to go to war, but when push comes to shove, won't back down. Rocky is eager to lay quietly at your feet acting as a calming influence during those long difficult meetings. He is eager to go for a walk to shake off the nerves and focus on what's important, generally a easy going guy... except when it comes to balls and bullies. Rocky isn't very good at sharing these very special items, and during a negotiation, would not budge an inch if these resources were on the bargaining table.

Maybe my crew wouldn't make the best white house dogs. Each has their talents, but I would miss them too much.

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