Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fitness for Agility - more soup

Ok, so I'm taking this soup thing seriously.

Yesterday I wanted to do a mock minestrone soup. I really don't know how to make minestrone, but I was looking for that hearty flavor that we find in a minestrone.

Tossed some chicken broth in the crock pot with beef shank and porchini mushrooms (mom says I could have just used water as the beef would make it's own stock. Added garlic and onion and let that cook for about 4 hours.

I took out the beef and found there was alot of fat. Didn't want that so I skimmed it off added zucchini, carrots, more mushrooms and cut off the meat and tossed that back in. 2 more hours on low.

Raised the level to high and tossed in some white beans and string beans. The result was fabulous. Very hearty soup.

Kel said it was the best yet! Yum. No picture. Laura says soup pictures look like intestines not yummy at all. I'll refrain from showing more intestines on my blog.

Instead, you get to see sheltie pictures from halloween (thanks to mom for the costume!):

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Trish said...

I want soup, That's what we need at pat;s part. zoupa!!!!!!

Nice hat. But Tazz seems unimpressed.