Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's in a Rear Cross?

I started looking on You Tube for the perfect rear cross. I found alot of information and individuals posting stuff. Some good, some...well...not so good.

This one is interesting as it shows FC vs rear cross. Only issue I have is the 2nd rear cross is on the landing side and I thought it would be more effective if she had crossed as the dog took off (she was not in position - a common problem with a dog that isn't speeding in front of you).

Here is a really good example of someone executing a rear cross on the landing side of the jump. Notice that the dog actually turns into the person before turning the proper direction. I feel that the better placement of the rear cross would have been between 2 & 3.

Ok, this one is just wrong. This would be considered a blind cross and a big no-no in my house hold.

Here is an example of someone doing a rear cross drill. A simple but effective example. She shows three different dogs. The only thing I would have like to see is when she was running her young dog, more reinforcements (reward) placed at the turn.

I can't help but like this gal. She's got a slower breed but she gives lots of rewards and is really working those rear crosses. She does have a rear cross on the landing side in there, but not all landing side rear crosses are bad. It is just better placement to have the rear cross earlier for communication.

Here is an example with a gal I know and see alot at shows. Her dog is actually blind in one eye. They are practicing to see whether a cue is needed.

I'm really not a fan of this exercise. To me this is just teaching the "flick away," rather than a true rear cross.

And lastly, not rear cross related, just inspirational. This lady is incredible!

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