Monday, December 1, 2008

12 days of an Agility Christmas

So I was wondering when the 12 days of Christmas were. Do they start of Dec 12? What are the 12 days of Christmas anyway?

What I found out is that the 12 days of Christmas actually start the evening of Dec 24 and go through the Day of Jan 6. I'm thinking we should be giving gifts this whole time, our companies should pay us holiday pay all 12 days, and we should have a 12 day agility marathon somewhere warm. (Not likely to happen.)

Instead, I'm starting a new "12 days of christmas" agility related. Each day (1-12th) I'm going to talk about something related to our sport of agility that one might consider as a stocking stuffer, or christmas present. These are things that are training related or just plain fun. I'll also throw in stuff about me and the dogs as well in the blog. I can't help myself.

For December 1, I'm going to talk a little Susan Garrett. She's got a new DVD coming out soon.

I've taken a number of Susan's clinics. My club ( has had her out twice for weekly seminars. The first time I saw Susan was in 2001 in LA. My dog Maddie (now 10) was nervous at the venue and didn't want to come out of the crate. That was ok with me as I probably gained more information from watching all the other handlers. Since then I've attended a few more of her seminars and I'm genuinely impressed with her devotion to her dogs and the consistency with which she focuses her training.

Whether you are a Susan Garrett fan or not, you can not deny that she is a great dog trainer and has something to teach us. Her new video should provide good information. She is currently selling a "preview" to her video in the form of a PDF document. Most of this document should be included with the DVD, but you can get this now in an e-document for $14.95. The video is out around December 10.

I, of course, couldn't resist and have the preview PDF. What I found was great weave pole drills and some good ideas for record keeping (a definite failure of mine). Some drills are very straight forward (we all do drills like these), and some that I wouldn't have thought to try. I personally love someone giving me a drill. I like that much more than trying to think of it on my own. So I use clean run for multiple different drills during the week.

For me, this is another resource to use when my brain can't think of something fresh. Is it worth the $14.95? Well that's up to you. I'm enjoying it and will probably get the video when it comes out as well.

Visit: to read more about Susan Garrett and to look at the upcoming DVD (probably will be featured on another day :) ). Perhaps you'll find a stocking stuffer or two for your agility friend (or yourself).

And for those who really want to procrastinate, a few early weave training videos with Fin from back in July. She's coming along nicely doing some very difficult weave entrances in sequences:

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