Monday, December 15, 2008

This and That

New Foundation Video

Moe Strenfel has a new foundation video. I just ordered it. I'll write up a review once I view it, but I wanted to let everyone know that Moe is a fabulous foundation coach and I'm sure her video will reflect that.

Today we played in the back yard. The sun came out, but the warmth didn't penetrate the layers of air to the level of ground were I stood. I ran around working contacts and tossing the ball. It was fun.

Tonight found Fin and me at Laura's class. Indoors and loud teeter. Fin was a good girl and we worked on faster dog walks, rear crosses, and good weaves. She had a moment where the teeter frightened her, but she got over it (this is one LOUD teeter).

Survivor was decided last night and "Bob" won. He is a 59 year old Physics professor and it makes my heart sing when I think that a 59 year old guy is out there in africa having such a wonderful time. I know that when I'm 59 I plan to be running another young dog in agility and enjoying life like "Bob."

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