Friday, December 5, 2008

On the Fifth Day!

Ok, so I wanted to do this cool posting with 5 rings. I had the idea to talk about shaping and training using 5 hula hoops. I was even going to try to get the squirrel in on the video (if I could find him!).

This very cool idea will have to wait. It has been a very busy day today...yes my friends, I have a life outside of writing my blog and playing with my pooches.
So I started to think about rings:
  • agility rings: we could talk about how important it is to go to lots of different places to do agility - not just your back yard.
  • rings in the bath tub: I've got two of those and could have talked about taking the time to wash those rings, but it doesn't have anything to do with agility, so the bathtub rings will have to wait
  • growth rings in trees: Why I thought of this, I DO NOT know, but maybe the squirrel has been making me think of nut trees.
  • Ring around the posy: Don't even know what this is anymore
  • The Lord of the Ring: My favorite book and movie. I'm quite obsessed. But not really ability related.
  • Nose rings: Some might think that this would be a cool present for an agility enthusiast, I'm not so sure.

Since I really couldn't come up with any other good ring stuff, I'm going to steal my idea I was going to use on Monday.

This is an idea my sister gave me. For the fifth day of agility presents, why not find 5 cool places that support rescue, rehab, or other non-profit enterprise (my favorite is - not doggy related but definitely a great non-profit) and give the gift of a donation.

For me I give a donation in a friends name, and ask for a card thanking that person for the gift. My friend than can open a gift that shows they gave to a great non-profit. Two gives in one!

You don't have to give much. If everyone just gave $5.00 it adds up.

So instead of gold rings, make your coins jingle and make a non-profit go another year.

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