Monday, December 29, 2008

At the Airport

Kels home. He came back early. We picked him up. A nice training visit to the airport. Grandma came along for the ride. Fin was a little worried at first, but once I pulled out the empty water bottle and we played tug, she was fine. Our tugging game produced an audience. Mom said I should have put my hat out, I might have made a few bucks....always the jokster, my mom.
When Fin got in her chair and laid down, the lady sitting a couple chairs down gave us a dirty look and moved on. Move on "dirty look lady," move on. No room for dirty looks on our airport chairs. This is a happy place.
Fin carefully watched all the peoples coming down the escalator waiting for her dad. She made a few mistakes and greeted people who weren't "dad" but no one seemed to mind.

One lady came over while I was working on down stay and stopped to tie her shoe a few inches from Fin. She did EVERYTHING she could to try to distract my dog. Finally the lady asked if she could say hello and I released Fin and the girl got all she could hope for. There is nothing like a happy Fin hello.

Kel finally arrived and he got a greeting like he'd been gone a year in Iraq and barely made it back. Big smile. Glad to be home, he is.


Stacy said...

Hi Vici I just found your blog through OMG Fin is SO cute - but of course in these pics she looks just like Flip! I'm glad I found this and I'll be following!

(PS I'm blogging more esoteric training stuff at

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