Thursday, December 18, 2008

Going to the dentist vs Greg Derretts Handling System

Dentist: has drills

Derrett: has drills

Dentist: tells you, "You need to Floss EVERY day."

Derrett: tells you, "You need to practice EVERY day."

Dentist: says, "If you do these simple things, everything will be peachy."

Derrett: says, "If you do these drills, your dog will understand you"

Dentist: has a systematic approach to mouth care

Derrett: has a systematic approach to handling

Why do I hate the dentist but love Greg Derrett? (Well, ok, I don't actually love him, I've met him a few times..he seems nice, but well, hum, yeah, like I don't really "know" him well enough to love's not like I"m a stalker or anything.....I do however love his systematic approach and the results of practicing his drills).

Fin is working on some Derrett drills. Video will be forthcoming. Last night = way to dark for filming.

We worked simple drills with front crosses, then serps (my fav) then rear crosses (fin likes these). Wow, getting to the correct place, decelerating, and then giving the next cue is not easy. Moe says, "do that 1000 times." Yikes. I've got a busy holiday planned.


Trish said...

But did you floss?

Trish said...

mmmm.... kinda quiet here in blog land