Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fourth Day of Christmas

For this fourth day, how about something to read?

Clean Run Magazine!

If you want to improve in agility, this is the magazine you must have.

Informative, educational, fun, practical. Each month I am eager to see what new exercises are presented.

Definately, if you don't do anything else for yourself, get this magazine and read it. Then go out to the back yard and set up a sequence and practice the handling the material suggests.

You will find articles from trainers that you are not normally exposed to. Some of these trainers may handle differently than the way you've been handling. That's ok. Try it and see whether you like it.

Take your magazine with you to your class and ask your agility trainer questions about the articles. Use your knowledge to make sure your agility trainer is exposing him/herself to new things and strengthening their program to make you better.

This magazine will not in itself make you a better agility handler, but it will provide you with an inexpensive source for knowledge that can push the limits of what you know. That's a good thing and our 4th agility day of christmas.


Anonymous said...

OK so waz reading your christmas ideas...idea: how about donations to one's local shelter, dropping off a bag of dog food...and so on. ...... give a card to the person you gift to saying what you chose to do....? that would be their gift!

vici whisner said...

I love this idea. Was actually thinking along the same lines for December 6. Tomorrow has gotta be about gold rings!