Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful....

...As we headed north to San Mateo for a wonderful christmas with family, sadly we left our furry kids at home (I'm thinking they had a great day without us!). It was cold but dry as we left Morgan Hill, but it soon became very stormy going north.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a smiling photographing host (we had our camera too, hense all the laughing).
Lots of presents had been delivered and there was so much loot, we had to put presents on the bookshelves.

Here are my two sisters in a moment of merryment. Two cutie pies in my book....I wonder what santa brought them to make them so happy.

Here is mom opening a present from none other than, ME! She loved it of course. Purple is her color.
More presents to open. Lots of recyling going on....the wrapping not the gifts of course.
Andy, Kel, Aunt Pat, and Cousin Ben opening presents. The hat on Ben is from me, he wore it the entire day. I guess the hat was a big hit...that and the cockroach...loved the cockroach. Mom gave been a medical textbook on "Farts." Perfect gift.

I am demonstrating what will happen when I get home. Toys in each hand getting tugged upon.

Two intelligent deep thinkers. Both of my favorite boys. Husband Kel, and nephew Andrew.
Obviously Kel is telling us a great secret. It must be something about dinner cause at this point, we spend a couple hours opening gifts and need some food!

A few glasses of wine always make me sing.

Mom and Arnold visiting.

Aunt Pat tying me up.
Boyz will be Boyz.

Too much egg nog?

When we had the need to pee there was glee.

The fireplace went out and the Howse crew was there to fix it.

Peg loved her Karen Yi original.

Home Finally...welcome home
We had a great day in San Mateo. The food was plentiful, but healthy. The family and friends were happy and healthy. Just a nice wonderful day.
We ended our day by driving home, taking the dogs for a nice walk, and playing chuck-it in the back in the dark. Pups got bullies and Kel and I watched a movie. Neither of us had any desire to eat.

Kel is now off to Arizona and mom is coming down for some warmth (her heater is out till Monday).

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