Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Second Day of Christmas

Today on this second day of the 12 days of agility christmas (presents). I am focusing on Doggone Good. (http://www.doggonegood.com/)

This is a wonderful place to find gifts as well as excellent agility travel stuff. Originally, these gals did the best folding soft crates ever. This was way before folding soft crates were available at other places. When softcrates became mainstream they couldn't compete, but they still do a really nice pup tent.

They have one of the nices crate pads out there and it is on sale for 9.99. The only size they have left is the mini, but what a steal!

I love the pup tent: http://www.doggonegood.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=168&ParentCat=12

It packs up so small and you can take it anywere. It pops up and is a really nice size. When I have to pack a bunch of stuff to a trial site it is nice to have a light weight option for a crate. Tazz highly recommends it.

They also have cool gifts. They have clocks that have uniqe doggy designs.

Really nice mugs (hint hint).

There is something for everyone at Dog gone good!
Lastly, I saw this on another blog so it can't be "one of the agility days of christmas", but I thought it was a cool site. Not really great for shelties as know one would see the lights under their coat, but for other breeds it is cool: http://www.dog-e-lites.com/


Trish said...

So, is it bad to get someone a present, then in the long process of waiting for Christmas to come, you happen to ummm play with it, us it... or you know not actually leave it alone?

Really What's the harm?

vici whisner said...

Used (pre-owned) christmas presents are always appreciated! :)