Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sometimes You've got to Go With the Flow

I can has cheezeburgers is a wonderful web site to go to when you want to procrastinate for a while. There is so much there to make you smile.

Although the theme is usually cats, once in a while they have a good one about a dog. Now I don't suggest you go there daily, but a visit once a week for a smile is always a good thing.

Today there is a chill to the air. I have dog class tonight and I am NOT going to weather wimp. My plan is to wear my warmest stuff and if I can't run cause I'm stuffed, at least it will bring humor to my friends. Each one of my training buddies is getting a Bully for their dog. My trainer gets one for each one of hers (she has FOUR!...oh do I).

My last class of the year is this saturday at 10am. We are training in the daylight...should be fun.


Trish said...

I made dog buscuits yesterday.

My roommate tasted them...

I"m not sure if she thought they where a bad version of a surgar cookie or if she knew it was a dog buiscut.

Noone say anything!

vici whisner said...

hey, now your cookie delievery may be suspect! It's a good diet trick...tell everyone that you made dog cookies and then no one will eat the cookies and you can have them all to yourself. Evil!

I like it.