Saturday, December 27, 2008

Three Dog Night

With Kel gone there is more room in the bed. Last night was a snuggle fest with Tazz, Maddie, and yes, even Fin.

I've watched about 30 minutes of the Moe Strenfel foundation video. Good stuff.

So, if you have a 16 inch dog and want to compete in USDAA agility, don't get this video. I don't want the competition!

If you have other jump heights, definately go get the video! I think taking a practical approach and following the steps in the video will improve many handlers out there. It will be exciting to see all the well trained fast dogs that will be competing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, wait a minute!!! Catcher and I resemble that remark -- 16" and wanting to compete in USDAA! Not fair! :-) Diane.

vici whisner said...

You know I'm kidding :) I really do like the video.