Thursday, December 11, 2008

The day before the last day

It is December 11th! What the heck is going on. Seems like just yesterday it was July.

Oh well.

For this 11th day I must tell you about my dogs favorite chewy in the world. Bully sticks. Not just any bully stick, it must be the thick 10-12 inchers. As we say in the sheltie world, "size matters!"

You can get these from either:

They seem to be cheaper at sitstay, but I haven't ordered from them in a while and not sure of the quality. UPDATE: Read the comments. The folks at SitStay have given us a 10% discount on the next order. Thanks folks at sitstay! Wow, what a nice surprise.

I have ordered from, but I didn't like the quality. The last batch had a chemical smell and I ended up tossing them out as the dogs got the runs. I recommend sticking to the ones at sitstay or clean run.

Happy chewing.


SitStay Dogs said...

What? You haven't tried our SitStay bully sticks in a while? Use the promo code DOGLOVER and we'll give you 10% off your next order. Try the "Free Rangers" bully sticks from SitStay. Big, Chewy, and 100% all natural! No stink either!

vici whisner said...

Why thank you very much! I'll definately be putting in an order. :)