Monday, December 8, 2008

Six through Eight!

What happened to the weekend. Zoowza. So many shelties, so little time.

Family came first. Before Blog. Visits and christmas plays and birthdays ....with a little dog agility thrown in sorta Summed up my weekend.

So for the Sixth Day, leave the dogs at home for a night off and head out to a holiday play. There are lots of community theaters doing little christmas stuff.

Here's a plug for the South Valley group. They are doing "It's a Wonderful Life" and tickets are available. They've got two more weekends of shows. If that ain't enough for the 6th day, my husband is in the play! The shows are in downtown Morgan Hill. I recommend Sushi before the play at AOI.

For the 7th day a very good recommendation:

I LOVE my solarteck umbrella. It beats the regular umbrellas by leaps and bounds. Well worth the price. When I'm at a show, many people come up to me and want to know where I got my umbrella. The solar shade cloth creates a much cooler level of shade. If you put two umbrellas up next to each other and compare, the solar shade one will give you a measurable amount of coolness. I have two and use them to supplement my eazyup as well as for shade at ringside.

For the 8th day, how about a cooling pad or colling jacket. It isn't too early to think about the upcoming trial season and keeping your dog the coolest!

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Trish said...

see what I"m looking for is a good seat warmer! Nothing like warm buns in your day!