Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Sky Is Putting on a Show Today

I had to drive around the bay area today for misc family business. I was amazed at how low the snow was. I've never seen snow so low. It is beautiful. Driving home, the clouds were amazing! We don't normally get such amazing spectacles around here (I've seen them in the mountains, but not in the bay area).

Driving in the bumper to bumper traffic, I was smiling at the huge tall billowy clouds. All different colors depending on which direction you looked.

I was trying to find agility dogs and obstacles and making a game of it as I drove at 5 miles per hour through rush hour (why in the heck they call it rush hour, I will never know).

At home I was greeted with 4 dogs that have not had any exercise. Always a fun surprise. I tried to explain to them that the sky was amazing, all they had to do was look up. Fin just ran around and around. Rocky stood next to me barking to throw a ball, Maddie looked for squirrels, and Tazz stood next to Rocky staring at him waiting for him to run after the ball. Chuck-it, some agility in the dark, and then tonight "bullies" should take some of that "bouncing off the wall" away.

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