Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

Well, it is here! 2009. The year of bright new things. The year of promise. The year of health and fitness. I'm so excited. So many things to look forward to.

I have many agility goals for 2009, I can't keep the smile off my face.

In 2009:
-I will run Fin in her FIRST agility trial.
-I will work hard to qualify for the Nationals with both dogs (USDAA)
-I will NOT run Fin if I'm having training issues (will go back to basics at fun matches - then get back into it)
-I will continue to get Tazz in shape and see where that journey takes us

Other goals, related but not agility:
-I will consistently loose weight and gain physical strength
-I will clean my office (ok I know that isn't a huge thing, but if you could see my office, you'd understand).

Today Mom was still here (from new years eve festivities) and we had breakfast and played scrabble. She won, but it was a fun, close game. I headed off to the gym and she off to home. We had to drive up the Peninsula to take back his new TV (LCD pixels were not working). After the gym, we drove up and no muss, no fuss, Video Only replaced the TV with a brand new one and home again we went.

TV is now set up and Kel is enjoying it. It is one nice television. I'm happy because now I'll be able to watch my agility runs on the big screen! Kel's happy because now he can actually see what he is watching.

I've only got 3 days left before I go back to work.

I'm going get up early and work out so I have the entire day to get things done. I'm working on refocusing Fin on targeting as she is loosing her criteria. I'll post video.

Tomorrow I'm also going to watch Susan Garrett's weave video. I hear it is really well done.

Best of the New Year to everyone. I hope all your agility dreams come true.


Trish said...

Happy new year! Started the year with no fever and a new attitude.

Back at work and working on that focus thing. I think lack of focus is a virus... I caught it from Finn!

jordan shoes said...

lol,so nice