Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Call Me the Rainmaker

This week was supposed to be a few showers on Thurs. Last Friday there wasn't even a speck of rain in the forecast. Yesterday it started to rain. The the rain got a little harder. Then it started to pour. It rained long and hard last night keeping Kel and I awake while we walked around the house looking for leaks.

I truly believe that Laura and I will be known as the individuals responsible for ending the 2009 drought.
  • I tore off my roof (which is leaking)
  • Laura got a puppy

I think that Laura probably should get most of the credit because she certainly pushed the weather gods to the extreme by getting a puppy and will be trying to potty train this week, in the rain.

Was it just last week that I was making fun of the east coast for the cold while we had low 80's. I am ashamed of myself! I should know better.


Trish said...

I'm thinking we should all make offerings at your doorstep so we can water our lawns this summer!

vici whisner said...

very funny...once the roof is finished, the rain will stop...that's the rule.

Trish said...

well, atleast until you wash your car or your dog!

vici whisner said...

True, true :)