Saturday, January 3, 2009

Learning Through Procrastination

I have often described myself as lazy. I do tend to drift to the easy way, but I've decided lazy isn't a good description for me. I've met lazy, and it ain't me.
I do look for the smoothest road. One, step at a time (here I'm taking steps along the freedom trail in Boston in my Brooks walking/running shoes - lazy people do NOT walk the freedom trail in stylish athletic gear).

I can tend to think on things a while before I take action. If I'm not motivated to do something, it doesn't get done.
Some people might call my "think on things awhile" procrastination. Procrastination is something that I do tend towards. In many ways, I use procrastination as a tool to do something better...if I'm unsure, I'll procrastinate...then I'll cram to get "whatever" done. However, I'm learning that procrastination can be fun. One can learn alot through procrastination.
For example, I procrastinate by reading other peoples blogs. But I learn so much! Here are a few of my favorites:

Laura Harwick is a favorite author of mine. I've learned alot about taxidermy, inexpensive ways to remodel a home, sunset magazine style tips, Tupperware inspired weave pole drills, interesting ways to get arrested while exercising your dogs, which agility videos I should buy, where to get tattoos, lessons about our justice system, inspirations on dirt night, and how 3 (sometimes 4) adorable pups can make a life whole.

Elite Forces of Fuzzy Destruction:
Here I learn how a few well taken photos can inspire. This blog spans the practical clicker and agility training tips to the interesting "how to survive in blizzard conditions with no heat and still get your training done" posts. Always entertaining, often educational.

A local gal, I've learned alot from Ellen. She has inspired me to go to new places to walk/exercise my dogs, detailed information about confusing topics (such as strategic pairs), thoughtful insights to agility related topics, and often inspiration and motivation to get out and train my dogs.

A new addition to my daily procrastination read. Susan is writing a practical look at agility training, focusing right now on her new weave video. Interesting, inspiring, and thoughtful.

Here is a blog from Sweden. It has so much good info focusing on clicker training. Right now she is raising a puppy and videos showing progress can usually be found. A great way to sip the morning tea.
I hope I've inspired you to procrastinate to learn.


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