Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All In a Days Work

Thought a reminder that I do work would be good. I am on the phone alot. Here I'm in an important phone call. Don't ask why I take pictures of myself during important phone calls....ok ok, I was bored, needed to listen, but couldn't really participate. So I took pictures.
I see alot of this during my work day.

This is what I see under my home computer. Just to the left of my work computer

Maddie stuffs herself in this little bed I got for Fin when she was a small tyke. It is seriously Papillon sized, but Maddie loves this bed.

This bed is under my work computer. (just to the right of Rocky) Tazz can't sleep because he has to make sure no other dogs are going to get his bed. This is Tazzies domain.

During the day I spend much of my time writing on the computer. A little time procrastinating reading about agility, and the rest of the time playing with the dogs outside. A wonderful life.

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Trish said...

She WORKS. I was starting to think you won the lotto and was keeping it a secret!!! I don't get to take my puppy to work. She's at home on the couch watching the view and thinking of ways to get Tazz's bed!