Friday, January 2, 2009

Thousands of shoes snarl Miami traffic

This wasn't me! Yes I am cleaning out my closets, but I know better than to throw my shoes into traffic. Also, there are some shoes that look pretty good! Maybe I could get another pair of agility shoes out of that pile.

Today was a day of work. Work out, Work on HP project, Work while walking (jogging/stretching). Lunch in Morgan Hill was the highlight. A new resturant. Yummy healthy fabulous food. Halibut on a salad....that's what I'm talking about.

Not much training...just a little contact work. Walks and chuck-it took up most of the excercise program for the pups. Now they are sleeping. I'm finally finishing up work.

Tomorrow is an agility day! Agility in the morning and agility in the afternoon!

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