Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a Bit Lonely

Geesh it is weird not having the pups here. It is very quiet although there is noise all around me.

I get up from my desk and walk down the hall and NOBODY is there to follow me around. No quick pets as I'm typing away. No one telling me it is time for a cookie, chuck-it, or training session.

Roof update:

Things are moving right along. Of course after weeks of no rain, the rain is coming. The dry rot repair is on hold while they work on just getting the roof on. Skylights are gonna have to wait (haven't even been ordered yet). Wood trim will happen once the roofing tiles are laid.

I've been reassured that the roof is weather tight. I just don't want this to drag on and on. Nutin to be done...just go with the flow.


Trish said...

Do you find yourself hearing them though? When Molly is out for any reason, I hear her still.

They're there.... watching... always!

Trish said...

oh , or its the ghost in your house!