Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Unlikely Friend

In July 2006, I brought home an itty bitty black puppy from Florida. Who would have thought that a friendship could blossom from this small change in my life.

Diane has Fins big brother and a half sister (same dad).

I don't know Diane, she doesn't know me. We have in common our dogs, email, facebook, a weird compulsion to analyze agility runs, and it seems a few other things... we've never spoken on the phone nor met in person, our relationship is totally built upon emails and our love for our dogs.

All I can say is thanks Diane! What a great video.

I can not wait to meet you someday. We need to meet at the AKC nationals :)


Trish said...

Ok , so I know you... but if I didnt' and I read this.... I'd probably tell you, to get out more.

But it is amazing the special people our dogs introduce us to.

My friends in Minn and up in Edmonton are originally dog park buddies. And that was 13 years ago we met.

So it is sweet, and a bit scary

vici whisner said...

:) I get out enough you silly person.