Friday, January 30, 2009

Tomorrow is a big day

VAST. Agility. Excitment. Joy.
Little Fin is going to the "Show." Called up from the minor leagues, she'll be starting for her team. Let's hope she does good and doesn't have to go back to the minors.
Things we'll be looking for:
  • clear calm body language from mom
  • strength, speed, from the fish
  • zen like mind control from mom
  • smooth transitions from the fish
  • mom will remember the course
  • Fin will not bite the mom
  • mom will not celebrate early
  • Fin will drive towards the end
  • mom will not trip over her own feet
  • Fin will not run between moms legs
  • mom will not toss her cookies before the run
  • Fin gets cookies before and after her run
  • mom will get a good nights sleep
  • Fin will not bark all night in the hotel

These are the rules. They are simple. Walk the course, run the course. Simple. No stress. Easy. Just like in practice. Just like my diet. Just do it.


Trish said...

As long as fin does not run in All rings at the same time... you'll be fine.

team small dog said...

We will see you there on Sunday at the Starters Ring! I almost hyperventilated the first time I ran Gustavo and I have never been nervous like that before a run except for Hobbes's last Standard Q for his LAA Plat. You are going to have a blast and Finn is going to smoke those 16"ers! I am excited to see Finn run! I am relieved she is not a 12"! She looks very, very FAST!

vici whisner said...

Thanks guys, I know it is silly to be nervous....

Trish said...

we want results!!!!

Tell us about results!

Anonymous said...