Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Quick Boring Post

This is a run from last night. I have too much work to do and have no business going to agility class. Went anyway. Got one of the quick runs filmed before it was just too dark to get anything.

Fin ran really nice. Best run of the night was midway through where she seemed to settle into it and ran really fast, but not nutso. I am still looking for more speed on the dog walk, but I like her nice straight fronts.

So let's get to the boring part. Been working on my fitness and weightloss. Food, still been my issue. So today I took a step that for me is huge. I told my fitness trainer what I weighed. I don't tell ANYONE what I weigh. I don't even like to get on the scale for the doctor. I, of course, weigh myself every day. I know exactly what I weigh. It is a measurement I am very close to. Telling him just about made me cry. Saying it aloud is so terrible and it isn't any less now that I've done it.

What is this called: acknowledgement that I need to make a change. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I've been improving. I'm way fitter than I've ever been...I mean ever. Even when I ran 10K's, my overall fitness was less (yes I could run a 10K and now really would have to walk most of it but we are talking fitness not endurance here). Yet, I am struggling.

I'm watching the biggest looser. I am inspired to do better by these poor people struggling. It is the woman that wasn't putting in the effort that has put me over the edge. I have a couple good days and then slip into bad habits.

So now. My new motto. Just do it.

No complaints, no excuses, no talking about it, just do it.

1300 calaries a day. Daily cardio. Weights twice a week. Situps and such 3 times a week. Done.


Trish said...

let's talk about stride.

I see a real improvement on your stride with your weight loss, but I don't think anyone ever taught us to run. And there is a nack to it. Time to hit the track!

Elf said...

One day at a time. That's it. I find that just making myself write everything I eat and what it costs me helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do