Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun Match Report

First of all I want to acknowledge all the individuals that live where they can not do agility out of doors this time of year. Here in the SF Bay area, we had a chilly morning of frozen over buckets and puddles, but the temps got up to the low 70's by 1pm in the afternoon. I apologize for all the fun we are having.

But, fun is what they call it. Blue skys, amazing weather, and a fun group of people. Drove up to Ben Lomond (Santa Cruz mountains) today for a fun match at Heart Dog Agility. The facility is very nice. They've just opened some new space for parking that that helped quite a bit. There are two fields and we do jumpers on one and standard on the other.

Kel (my husband) came with me today so I called it a short day so he wouldn't get too bored. I got in 3 runs by noon and headed into town for lunch sitting outside with Fin at my feet. Kel actually enjoyed himself and said he'd definitely go again :)

Took a few videos (also available on youtube).

This is the first jumpers run. Had a little trouble on the first pin wheel (it's because I didn't support the jump enough) and then she got a little cranked up and flew past the jump after the tunnel, but all in all I thought we did well.

Here is the standard run. I'm not doing A frame and dog walk on purpose. Need a little work on the targeting and did not want to use my 90 seconds for target work. The first set of weaves is amazing. I just smile. Second set of weaves had trouble with my entrance. I was dumb and kept putting her in again and again. Should have just set her up for success. But, once in, zoowza! I'm not real proud of my finish, something I really need to work on (her going on with me bringing up the rear), but if we were perfect, it wouldn't be any fun.

The last video is another jumpers run. It is the same course as the first. I felt I handled it better even though we had trouble with the finish.

Today, learned a few good things, got some stuff to work on for home work, and had a blast. I guess I'm most proud that she worked all morning for treats or toy AND I left my cookies and toy at the finish line (I did run with a hidden toy the first run and pulled it out...but the rest ran pretending it was the real thing).

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Trish said...

you gonna need new tennis shoes to keep up with that girl!