Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Do I Get Myself Into These Things?

I belong to my local agility club. Everyone should. Support these clubs. Without them, there would be no competitions. I also volunteer for my club. I try to help out at the trials and do my part.

A couple years ago I somehow got volunteered to be the trial secretary for our April trial. I found out that this is actually a paid position. Wow, I was going to do it for a free entry! Little did I know that I got enough $$ for many entries. I did it with my friend so I wasn't alone and we continue to share this task every April.

Here is the amount of time I think I spend:
  • 40 hours of input,
  • 10 hours the week before the trial,
  • as needed at the trial, and
  • 4 hours to wrap it all up.

I've also volunteered as the RV Czar, the Vendor Czar, and hospitality. For my club, all of these positions get free entries (a good way to save on dog showing expenses for sure). I enjoy doing these jobs as you meet new people and really get to know the people that work all the shows.

This year, in a moment of weakness, Laura said, "We should chair next Aug and give Rob/Derede a break." (We really wouldn't have a club if it weren't for Rob and Derede...they do EVERYTHING!). So I say to Rob a little while later, "Laura says we should chair next August." Rob jumps on this and before I am able to backpeddle, I'm a 1/2 trial chair. I sorta feel like I went out, got drunk, and woke up with an unpleasant surprise.

Laura blames me. She says she had the original idea, but I put the idea in motion. Ok. So, now we are trial chairs.

I am now in the process of putting the premium together for the April trial AND organizing the August trial (getting judges, filling out needed forms, etc.). Joy, joy, happiness. Thank goodness we have a great group of people that will all jump and and do their share. I sure hope everyone likes the judges. I hope I can find flights and nobody gets sick. I can't believe that in January I'm worried about sick Judges for August...but such is my life. (I think I'm delegating all sick judges to Laura).

I'm a busy bee. I actually like being busy. Can't wait till the trials. We are going to have a BLAST!

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Trish said...

Well you have your first volunteer!