Monday, January 26, 2009

Boxwork Drills

Sunday we worked in a mini seminar with Rob Yi. I am lucky enough to be friends with Rob and Karen. Rob is a great trainer and I really appreciate his taking time out of his Sunday to help us improve our handling. Rob has a great eye and was very helpful in spotting some areas of improvement. It really shows that drill, drill, drill...for improved handling and dog understanding.

First we worked a drill with front crosses (no video). As I recall, we were perfect...well ok, there was room for improvement...but without video, I can remember it any way I want! Rob watched and gave me some good feedback and Fin really did a good job reading the front crosses.

Then we did the same drill with rear crosses. Our goal was to position ourselves in the correct place using our body not our voice (and sometimes even our hands behind our backs!).

Here is some videos of our drills (the good and the bad). I've got some success and some not so success.

We then worked on threadles and serps. Clearly evident that I need more work in the threadle department. Serps were not too bad. Threadles - well big hole.

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Trish said...

I love video's of border collies jumping!