Monday, November 17, 2008

And the Dufus Award Goes to...

Only one day of agility this weekend found Tazz and I "almost" q'ing in every run. He did Q in Grand Prix (Yeah Baby!), and his standard was fabulous, if only he didn't pop out of that last pole! :) Would have q'd in pairs, but I missed a jump (dufus points!).

Havoc and I started off pretty wild. Our standard run - I thought it was the same course as I had run with Tazz, but Havoc certainly didn't agree. We had great fun providing much enjoyment for the crowd as Havoc cheerily made up her own course.

Laura ran Havoc in Grand Prix and not only Q'd, but took first place! Zoowza! I guess I can be thanked for getting all the wide turns and off courses out of her system.

Steeplechase found me running both Tazz and Havoc.

First Havoc. Q! I'm still giddy over it. We didn't get it on video, but all the more better as I can remember it as a "perfect" run. We did have one bobble as I didn't give her enough of a push to go up the A frame so had to bring her back around to take the A frame. Even with that extra time, she came in a solid 4th place! She is so much fun to run!

Tazz: I ran Tazz 11 dogs after Havoc. I ran back to the car with her, got Tazz out and ran back. I had one dog to go and then we were on the start line. All went well, Tazz had great speed off the line, then all went bad. I front crossed in the wrong place and found myself with no where to go and falling over the jump. I started to yell, "Ahhhhhhhhh" and then "I" jumped the jump. Tazzie was so confused, but jumped the jump and then we continued on. Unfortunately, there is a rule about humans taking the jumps and I "E'd," but I was proud that I didn't knock the bar! (More dufus points toward my award!)

A short weekend, a migraine last week caused me to have too much work to do and I had to come home to work on Sunday.

I'd have video, however, I still don't have the upload cable. I'll get it soon.

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