Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Day, Another Hike

Took off this morning for a nice hike. Headed north to Santa Teresa County Park for something different. We started our hike near the archery range and our goal was to hike up to Coyote Peak, a 1155 foot elevation change in 1.9 miles. It was a steep hike and I found it extremely challenging but quick to the top. I liked the route as there was lots of trees and plenty of views.

The walk to the peak was quite steep in some places. But we trudged along.

We crossed a couple of bridges. This one had a picnic table underneath. We don't know why, but it was there.

Did I say it was steep?
The views were wonderful. This view was south towards our home.

Fin and Tazz were good pups, mostly because we didn't run into too many people. There were mountain bikers, but each time we saw them, they were going up hill...very slowly.

After hitting the top, we decided on a big loop home. Around 4 miles total, but with the elevation it was a nice hike.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vici,
I think I saw you this morning, I was also climbing Coytoe peak, from the other direction, I would have said hi but I wasn't sure it was you, it was a bit far away to tell. :) small world.

Trish said...

You all look happy!

Elf said...

Ah, ha, you liked my idea from our Aug 13 hike, eh? :-) I've decided that I like this hike for its conditioning value. Very close to home and just about the best up/down in the shortest time. The other end of the park has more gradual ups, for longer hikes, but not as much elevation. I'm thinking of taking a saturday morning soon and trying the hike from one end of the park to the other, via the tops of the hills.

Elf said...

(Although it's actually only 950 feet gain--the golf course is at about 200 feet already. :-) )

vici whisner said...

yes, yes, you inspired me! I usually do Harvey Bear, but the truth is that the entrance to this park is either equal distance or closer than Harvey Bear. I had a great time, and thanks for the inspiration!