Monday, August 31, 2009

It is a FITcation!!!

I'm on a small vacation this week. Had to take time off. So I'm devoting it to fitness.

After this past weekend, the last thing I wanted to do was get up this morning and work out. But, I did. Met up with friends for a 2 hour Harvey Bear walk. This was a new challenge with lots of elevation change. But fun.

Afterwards, stopped at the market for some food, home for a quick shower, and then off to the gym for a workout with David. After getting home around 12:30, I have absolutely no idea what happened to the last 4 hours. I did some cooking. Read a little. Played with the pups. And poof. Time is gone. Day one is almost over. Tomorrow: Road trip!!!

This past weekend SMART (salinas monterey agility racing team) hosted an agility event. Laura and I were trial chairs. It was fun, but alot of work. I didn't do so good in the Q department, but had some majorly wonderful runs and ended up with a Q in Master Jumpers (4th place). Master Jumpers generally scares the bejezus out of me as it is so fast and furious. But Fin and I had a good run (albeit a bit wild) and ended the trial on a high note.

Well, gotta go walk the dogs!


Trish said...

where you road tripping too?

Elf said...

You guys did a lovely job on the trial. I think it went very smoothly. Congrats on your jumpers Q & place and also on gettin gout of bed and getting your exercise in even when you didn't want to.