Monday, August 17, 2009

So you want to be an agile star....

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be part of something very special.
The AKC world team came to San Jose, CA for their last practice prior to heading to Austria in September.Eleven teams participated with their two coaches. A few of us were lucky enough to volunteer and watch some amazing agility.
My job and that of my good buddies was to build courses, set jumps, move equipment, and in general make it easy for the teams to walk courses and practice running them.
The teams were gracious to us mere mortals that only wanted to bask in their glow of world teamness. Nancy Gyes runs a tight ship and on Saturday alone, we did EIGHT course changes.
On Friday, we started on an outdoor field at the top of the world. The fabulous Powerpaws facility. Laura and I driving home said we were looking forward to the next day to be in doors. We were tired of hammering in the stakes for the tunnel snugglers.
On Saturday evening, we were wishing for those stakes/snugglers as we moved to an indoor soccer facility in the morning and had enough of carrying sandbags from one end of the arena to the other!
The teams were amazing. Humans were agile and got to where they needed to be. Dogs were good and kept up keen attitudes the entire weekend. Courses were tricky and caused GREAT discussions on the best methods fo completion. Breaks were minimal for the humans, but all the dogs got massages, chiro, acupuncture, and lots of heeling walks.
I saw nice jumping style (very few knocked bars), extremely responsive dogs (not a tunnel sucker in the bunch), tight...tight...did I say TIGHT turns, and happy eager attitudes about working with their human team mate.
By Sunday evening, a few of the dogs might have been tired, but I swear, they were still keen to work.

Sunday afternoon, the teams headed home for all parts around our country. I felt that the time spent helping the teams was invaluable. I learned a great deal and am better able to articulate what I need to do if I ever decide to pursue a spot on this team.

My camera isn't the greatest so no indoor shots. Just the outdoor practice on Friday afternoon.

I'm a little tired after the long weekend. I didn't know what to expect when I volunteered. Today I am really glad that I went and proud of the team that represents our country in September.

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Marie said...

What an awesome experience!